Write your story

Write your story

As feature film treatment, novel exposé
or complete screenplay. With Robert & Flo.
As a feature film treatment,
Novel exposé or
complete screenplay.
With Robert & Flo.
4.8 of 5
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This is Club23

At the Munich Film Academy, screenwriters and professors Robert Krause and Florian Puchert revolutionized the creative writing training. At Club23® they present their effective method as digital masterclasses. Accessible and makeable for everyone – beginners and professionals alike.

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Storyboard von Benjamin Kniebe

Mit der Demo kannst du die ersten 30 Kurs-Schritte unserer Masterclass „Treatment in 5 Tagen“ bzw. „Drehbuch in 23 Tagen“ unverbindlich testen und ausprobieren. Und beim Upgrade auf die Vollversion kannst du direkt inkl. aller Eingaben weitermachen.

Testimonials from our alumnae


A fantastic concept with two mega passionate teachers!

Sebastian Stojetz
Screenwriter & director ("Toni, male, midwife")

With Florian's and Robert's great treasure of experience, expertise and positive energy, you head, step by step, together to the goal.

Christine Heinlein
Screenwriter ("We are the Wave", "Rosamunde Pilcher")

Two fantastic mentors, power writing, total focus and maximum energy: That is the Club23 experience. At the end, the first draft of the screenplay in his hands. A great feeling!

Anne Keßel
Screenwriter & author

Creative freedom through rules. With Robert and Flo I learned that, of all things, adhering to strict rules – dramaturgically as well as in the writing process – enables creative freedom.

Ferdinand Arthuber
Director and screenwriter

The ease with which Robert and Florian approach stories acts like a secret weapon against your own fear of failure, writer's block and the feeling that screenwriting is witchcraft. The mixture of theory in the morning – tailored to what is important for the writing that day – and my own writing time in the afternoon was perfect for me. I felt safe from the first to the last page and was able to let my creativity run free. How many stars can I give? I'll give them all – plus one more!

Aline Ruiz Fernandez
Screenwriter ("Inga Lindström")

Both in the industry and at home at the desk, scripts are often "thought out" until they disappear in the drawer never to be seen again. But there is simply no room for worry and self-doubt with Robert and Flo, and this allows free writing, in which one often surprises oneself. They are great and smart supporters in the process. An experience that boosted my confidence as a writer and showed me what you can do if you're brave enough to just start writing.

Daphne Ferraro
Screenwriter ("Dark", "Fly")

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What makes us special

Don’t be afraid of the white pages. No time for the voices of internal censorship. We write here! With essential knowledge, we’ll guide you on a structured path to experience writing magic. With our method, theory meets practice and we create the space for your creativity to flow – and for you to write.

Gemütliche Bibliothek mit Schreibort


You will learn the effective essence of a screenwriting course – only in a much shorter time. We work with the expertise of industry professionals that works in practice.

Wohnzimmer mit Couch und gemütlichem Schreibplatz

Step by step

We have broken the process down into its individual parts. We tackle one element at a time and arrive at the whole with a logical plan.

Ein Schreibort im Moosboden des Waldes


Forget writer's block and doubts. With us, you'll get into the flow of writing and the words will get onto paper. You will unleash your writing potential.

Your Mentors

Robert and Flo are successful and award-winning writers for cinema, television and streamers. As lecturers and professors at the Munich Film Academy, they have accompanied hundreds of scripts over the years. Club23 brings together their professional writing and teaching experience.

Author & screenwriter Robert Krause

Prof. Robert Krause

Writer & screenwriter
Director & Story Consultant

Robert prefers to write as part of a team, e.g. the thriller series "Dignity" (Grimme Award nomination) with Flo. He has a pronounced weakness for love stories. On his way to becoming a screenwriter and author, he studied in Munich and Los Angeles.

Screenwriter Florian Puchert

Prof. Florian Puchert

Director & Story Consultant

Flo writes alone, in a team with Robert – "Our wonderful Years" (ARD media library record) – and others. He is a self-taught cinephile with a soft spot for horror. There is hardly anyone who has read as many screenplays as Flo.

Abonniere den Club23-Newsletter

Im Club23-Newsletter geben Robert und Flo Tipps und Tricks, Inspiration und Motivation zum Schreiben und halten dich auf dem Laufenden zu unseren Neuigkeiten, Aktionen und Angeboten.

Storyboard von Benjamin Kniebe

Final drafts from the club

Over the years, a lot of screenplays have been created in our live masterclasses, all complete final drafts – and many of the writers are now veterans themselves. These are their works.

The Club23 blog

For anyone who wants to learn more about screenwriting and the industry: In our blog, we have collected in-depth knowledge as well as tips and tricks from our own writing experience.

Experience & reviews of Club23

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