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Robert Krause

Robert Krause was born 1970 in Dresden. At the age of 19 he flew to West Germany and studied film in Munich and Los Angeles. Today, he works successfully as director and screenwriter and serves as professor for creative writing. Together with his wife and two sons, he lives in Miesbach near Munich.

Interview with Robert

Author & screenwriter Robert Krause

What do you like most about being a screenwriter?

There are two favorite moments in screenwriting. Once, when I’ve written six pages a day or finished a whole book – and then hold it in my hands. Secondly, when I see the finished product, when what I have written or when I write in partnership, we have written, appears on the screen. The characters and dialogs, which until then were only paper, then come to life and the characters become human.

Why do you reveal your secrets, why do you teach?

I like teaching because I just think it’s incredibly beautiful when others also develop their voice and express themselves, because it has also done me an incredible amount of good to find my voice and express myself. So just seeing their joy and their development makes me very happy and satisfied.

What advice do you have for up-and-coming authors?

Listen to yourself, whether you really enjoy writing and whether you feel like a friend during and after writing. And whether you also have the feeling that you are good at it. Of course there are authors who say: “Oh God, I don’t even know if I’m any good.” First of all, I say: “You can learn to write.” Check this from time to time. And if these two things fit, then you’ve come a long, long way.

What is your favorite place to write?

There are two places, when I enter them, something switches in me and it flows: the State Library in Munich on Ludwigstraße and the State Library in Berlin on Potsdamer Platz. These are dream places for me. There are lots and lots of other hard-working people writing around you. But everyone is silent and on the move in the same spirit. That’s great for me.

Prizes & works (selection)

Published novels

Dreieinhalb Stunden, Rowohlt, 352 pages, 2021
Sisi: The Dark Promise, with Elena Hell, Rowohlt, 448 pages, 2021 – Spiegel bestseller

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